Warwick Hampden-Woodfall
Portfolio CIO | CTO | IT Director

Warwick Hampden-Woodfall FBCS MIET



What I do

I work with small to medium companies in the UK, providing leadership to the Information and Communications Technology discipline.

Ambitious companies, or those who want to expand, contract or diversify will need to scale their technology and information management so it does not become an obstacle. Using the experiences and contacts from a diverse range of commercial environments, my role in any long term engagement is to help my clients thrive.

I am supported in every CIO/CTO/IT Director post by my colleagues at Freeman Clarke. Around me are other Freeman Clarke IT Directors with their own client base and we are a very active information exchange. In particular we share what works well, what doesn’t work so well and, of course, we share our best practice guidance on managing and getting the best out of ICT for our clients.

Feel free to drop me a line, or read some of the material on the Freeman Clarke site which has some pre-assessment information you can use to assess if your company could do with one of our IT Directors.

I am available to have an exploratory 30 minute discussion about any aspect of technology, and especially if you feel you may need strategic guidance.

Our usual way of working at Freeman Clarke is to open the discussion with one of our Regional Directors, and in my case my Regional Director, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell can be found on our company website, here.


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3 ways I typically help clients

Strategic Project

Typical duration - Length of the project
Client Commitment - simple service contract, 30-day terms

Typically, I will attend your office 1-2 days per week and ensure that the strategic project; for example an ERP, or finance system implementation, delivers the desired outcomes. I will do this by engaging with stakeholders, defining functional requirements and governing the project til completion. This is not project or programme management, but ensuring that the technology implementation or change is what your business needs and is capable of sustaining,

Develop and Implement a Technology Strategy

Typical duration - 1-2 days per week, typically 18 months or so
Client Commitment - simple service contract, 30-day terms

Like a strategic project engagement, I will attend your office 1-2 days per week (this reduces over time) to engage across the business and define the technologies that are core to the business, those that are performing well or not contributing, and those that can be enhanced. Drafting a technology strategy is vital for any business, as is implementing processes and procedures to ensure it is sustainable. While I am with you, these are my sole aims.

Lead the IT/Information Function

Typical duration - 1-2-3 days per week, ongoing
Client Commitment - simple service contract, 30-day terms

For mid-large size clients, hiring IT Leadership can be an expensive investment. By taking a fraction of a senior, experienced IT Leader enables companies o benefit from skills and methods that aren’t usually available. Often, IT Managers and Head of IT functions are extremely experienced in the technologies they manage and where I can help is to provide the leadership to the overall IT team to guide where these technologies can increase revenue, cut cost and unlock opportunities. I achieve this by sensitively engaging with the IT Team and ensuring their needs are met, restructuring where needed and most importantly, providing a governance cycle that Board members can trust. Another key aspect of the engagement is to refine and enhance the management information IT provides, particularly for Line of Business applications.


Through Freeman Clarke we met Warwick Hampden-Woodfall, an excellent IT director, who hit the ground running and picked up on the industry specific requirements for compliance. Warwick’s wealth of prior experience meant that during his time at Immunocore he successfully implemented specific multi-disciplinary projects, mentored the internal team and has been an integrated and trusted member of the Immunocore senior team.

Immunocore’s growth has meant that they now need a full time VP of IT, and Warwick has been on hand to transition the team to a new leader.
— Eva-Lotta Allen, Chief Business Officer, Immunocore